Being one of the pioneer custom house agent in India RLB & Co has weaved a tapestry of phenomenal success by handling transportation and other special cargo services. The company has a long and successful history built on never-ending innovation, comprehensive inspection, functional checks and exceptional relations with its customers.

The qualified personnel deployed to closely supervise the operation of export and import of consignments by Land ensures hassle free clearance. The company gets the documents finalized and handover the desired documents to the concerned authorities quickly and correctly. Being at the forefrent ensures the torchbearers of the company to put in their expertise and experience in the custom clearing and forwarding industry.

  With an illustrious era spanning over 60 years, the company's technical and commercial quality guidelines are set to high standards. We consistently monitor our performance against these pre-determined policies as a part of our objective to constantly innovate and to improvise.

You call us and we are there in person to work in collaboration with superior competence so as to implement the most advanced logistics solutions in use today.